Thursday, August 4, 2016


Baby let me
rest my head
in that sacred
hollow of chest

that you call
an unfortunate flaw
of fetal development,
cursing your mother

for her original
sin against you
but that I
find most sweet

where cheek on
skin is a
kiss goodnight and
muscle barely muffles

the buh-bump of
birthed betrayal beating
a siren song
that all who

are different recognize

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Exercising your rights

I used to think rights were like my skeleton
god-given, sturdy, and strong
the foundation of being a human

But now I think rights are more like a muscle
pliant, moveable and changing
needing to be flexed to remain strong

April PAD Day 25 - exercise

Dead end

It was no secret that
he beat her
we all saw the bruises
heard the excuses
knew she wasn't as clumsy
as she purported
to be

April PAD Day 30 - dead end

Morning breath

The cup on
my bathroom counter
holds two toothbrushes
and the memory of 
minty breath and 
mornings spent cuddling
under that pearly 
white down comforter; 
of lips on 
the lookout for 
a surprise attack
on cheeks or
forehead or any
patch of kissable
skin, which shivered
each time you 

smiled at me. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Take off

At the beginning
there's a rumbling

a flutter
of excitement

as we run
hand in hand

toward some
unknown destination

where we will
both soar together

or soon
crash land

April PAD Day 27 - take off

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