Sunday, February 27, 2011

After burn

It's been awhile since I wrote about our house fire in July 07, but it's always therapeutic and my thoughts about it are still evolving.

There is nothing left here,
just the shambles
of our past life together

heaps of blackened pictures and
memories of a
past that's better off forgotten.

We paint each other's faces
with the soot
and no longer recognize ourselves.


  1. This is a stunning piece that describes so well the break up of a relationship. Well done indeed!

  2. This could describe so many possible events. I love the imagery of soot-blackened faces...

  3. I love the way your sadness is revealed by the ashes and your faces covered so that you don't recognize yourselves. Sounds like a traumatic experience. I'm sorry.

  4. Sometimes the only thing you can do is unpick it and start again. Difficult, but not impossible.

  5. the pain is so visible in this piece... i know what it's like losing your home. great write up here!

  6. Oh My Heck, Kimiko!
    I hadn't read your side bar Kerouac quote until just now. Talk about synchronous... check out the poem I posted a couple of hours ago:

  7. sigh.. it just gets to u, doesn't it? very painful..

  8. Wow! Thanks so much for all the kind words.

    Obviously this was a more personal topic - the loss of material things as well as the loss of love.

    I'm glad I can still convey that emotion years later, and even though that sadness is long gone.

  9. We had a house fire in November of 2007. We got our house back though, and most of our stuff. However, we were displaced for 11 months, living in a motel with only the things we had taken for an overnight trip. If we'd been home, we would not have survived. Things happen for a reason and often with a rhyme. You are here, so there must be a reason. Beautiful piece.



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