Thursday, April 22, 2010

Looking back

The prompt for this poem was "looking back"

I once was a goddess
who ruled from on high
who sent men to battle
and heard them all cry
when their crops began failing
and their children left home,
their women didn't love them,
how they'd bitch and they'd moan
that life wasn't fair
and they certainly deserved better
"goddess won't you help us"
so I made their Earth wetter
and their plants began growing
and their children stayed to play
their women kissed them softly
as next to them they'd lay
and remember they were goddesses
who'd also ruled on high
until their husbands pushed them down
with some Eve and Adam lie
and they fell from Mount Olympus
with their eyes forever shut
to the divinity they once held
and the role of temptress-slut

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