Thursday, May 26, 2011

We lay

We lay in
a jumbled heap
naked and grinning

Three Word Wednesday - grin, jumble, naked


  1. Nine words and you have captured everything eloquently.

  2. You literally could not say it better than that! Brilliantly brief.

  3. Thank you both.
    The words for this week's prompt practically wrote themselves. Glad you like the simplicity of this imagery.

  4. Ooooo good one! Makes me feel like grinning too.

    My three words entry is awfully long, but I hope you'll read it anyway.

  5. Such a sweet and charming haiku

  6. Kimiko, every time I think you've done your best haiku, especially with the 3WW prompt, you come up with a charmer like this. I loved it. I found two on the prompt:

    Peace, Amy

  7. You say the nicest things, Amy.
    I think just a few words can go a lot further when so many people can identify with the image ... which apparently we all do. ;)



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