Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Set to boiling

This heat between us
this nasty passion
that pulls us smashing
toward each other
will someday cease
become a simmering love
or a lukewarm memory
of the times we made
one another smile.

Three Word Wednesday: cease, heat, nasty


  1. I'm a realist, but still a hopeful romantic. I'd like to think it doesn't have to end.

  2. I never recall past passions as nasty. However simmering, just off the boil is good too as I am sure you will find out. Love is funny, smile yes, but laugh too.

  3. Kimiko, this was sad and lovely. You used the words in a romantic setting, which I very much liked, and your sense of the cooling off - which even the strongest love cannot withstand - is really used well here. My marriage started off steaming, and the difference is only the frequency of the steaming, LOL! Amy

  4. this brief piece conveys ultimate truth and consequences...

  5. I love the intensity, it is beautifully written and quite a lonely sad thought at the end

  6. That smashing sounds much less satisfying than the simmering slow boil. Like it :)

  7. Amy, I hope to have that I have what you have -- still steaming. Love it.



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