Sunday, April 24, 2016

Black holes

I saw this hauntingly beautiful piece at the Portland Art Museum today and was absolutely struck by it; the hair, the ears, the neck, the shoulders look just like my son ... and the anguish just moved me nearly to tears. It's like someone took a psychic x-ray or the human I love most in the world and this is what they saw. Heartbreaking.

So, of course, I wrote about it ...

I see death
when I look
into my son's face

an anguish that
could kill him
clawing just below the

of his skin
a zombie eating
his brain from inside

i see the
look of anguish
as he claws at

begging to be
freed from the
killer inside, the black

in his throat
that's so big
it chokes out life

April PAD Day 6 - ekphrastic

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