Sunday, January 7, 2018

Cold front

They say no two snowflakes 
are exactly alike 
Her cold fronts were the 
same way: the 
biting fury rolled in like 
the kind of 
winter storm that would leave 
you homebound for 
days lost in the blinding 
whiteness of her righteous anger

The blizzard of words was 
always new, a 
nuance or phrase would form 
like a fresh 
barb on an ice crystal 
that would land 
crisp on your skin, stick 
and burn. So 
perfect. So precise. So cold 
it would chill your bones


  1. So well described.
    I have known a few folk like this and wonder how they sleep - but they do.
    Anna :o]

    1. I've known a handful of people like this. More men than women, actually. I think they're generally very broken, very hurt people. But boy do they cause a lot of damage!



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