Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My eyes cannot 
stay open tonight. For weeks
I have longed

to pull back 
the thin sheet that separates
me from anxious

dreams; the kind 
where I'm waiting tables in some
vaguely familiar place 

and people are 
waiting for me to take 
their dinner orders.

The guilty panic 
starts setting in just as
I remember that

I haven't worked
at a restaurant for years.
Still, I feel 

them waiting for
me, just as I wait 
ever more impatient 

for just one restful night.

Poetic Bloomings #65 - Betrayal

Monday, July 9, 2012

Your mean-ing

I just don't know what
you mean when
you say you're a follower

of a religion whose deity
clearly stated that 
the greatest spiritual law is 

to love one another as 
you love god;
to judge not; to forgive. 

And yet, you judge. Harshly.

You call it god as you
judge true followers
who know to love you

despite the self-righteous wrath
you spew at
people whose lives, decisions, and

agony you could never imagine.
They will never
forget your judgment. Your mean-ing.

Poetic Bloomings #63 - Uncertainty, I don't understand

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