Monday, April 20, 2015

My body, the betrayer

She's the gorgeous giggling girl
skipping along dusty
paths deep in the mountains;

a seductress flaunting a flash
of skin as
she dances in her bedroom

or bends into downward dog;
the temptress that
whispers affirmations in my ear

"I am strong,"
"I am vibrant,"
"I am healthy"

as I revel in the
sexiness of a
new curve or calf muscle.

She lures me into a
false love, promising
faithfulness as she pushes me

down the stairs, the subtle
sabotage of a
weak ankle or swollen knee.

"You are strong,"
"You are vibrant,"
"You are healthy"

I whisper, reminding her that
we are not
enemies, that she is a

warrior, perhaps too worn to
continue the fight
against each other. I surrender.


April PAD Day 20 - My (blank), the (blank)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I could

i could love you
if i wanted
could smother you with
the fast burn
of wildfire passion that
sweeps right through
and steals your soul.

i could love you
right now even
just drop this match
to my feet
and watch the cord
of connection between
us spark to life.

i could love you
next month maybe
when the slow glow
of affection grows
like fresh grass in
a field scorched
by her untamed flames.

i could love you
if you wanted
serve you sweet kisses
and wipe away
the ash if you'd
only say you
would not burn me.


April PAD Day 7 - love or anti-love

Monday, April 6, 2015

War paint

My warrior paint
comes in expensive little bottles
that promise youth

white cream streaked
across sun-spotted cheeks that
crinkle with glee

layers of invisible
masks promising protection from a 
wild western world

that tells m
how beautiful I am though
its never seen
my real face.

Out of gas

He thinks we're at a crossroads 
that relationships 
are like bus depots 

where weary people wander 
bleary-eyed from their 
faded fabric seats 

across terminals crammed with 
travelers, seekers, 
and dreamers who hope 

their fortunes will change between 
stops in Little Rock 
and Los Angeles

And maybe he's right
But I already 
got off of the bus.


April PAD Day 4 - departure

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mother's bounty

I've neglected my garden
let the weeds grow heart-high
stealing sun for their greedy stalks

as my peony and peas'
roots wrestle to reclaim
the rightful riches Mother provides


April PAD Day 5 - vegetable

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