Monday, April 9, 2018

Sweet sleep

We lie
facing apart
toes touching

the warmth
of your
big spoon

clinging to
my skin
like our

tangled bedsheets


April PAD - Poetic Asides Day 7: senses

Go to your room

I used to wish my
father would die
now I realize that living
is punishment enough


April PAD - Poetic Asides Day 8: family

Thursday, April 5, 2018

He persisted

It was another good date
We went back to his place
I pulled him close

we kissed
we groped
we fumbled

It was a good time
Until things went too far
I pushed him away

he groped
he fumbled
he persisted

It was no longer a good date
Back at his place
He pulled my legs apart

I fumbled
I flailed
I cried

he persisted


April PAD Poetic Asides Day 3 - stop / don't stop

IQ test

"Oh, you're a smart girl,"
he said, as
if I was somehow less

attractive because of my intelligence.
"I guess so,"
I said and walked away.


April PAD Day 5 - Poetic Asides prompt: intelligence


we bloom in secret, stretching
our faces closer
to the sun each day


April PAD Poetic Asides Day 1 - secret

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Casing the joint

I sneak
I watch
from the outside
from afar

I look through pictures
I look through junk
to catch a glimpse
to understand

the woman in the mirror


April PAD Poetic Asides Day 4 - case (blank)

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Her soft belly
and sagging breasts
adorn museum walls

we scurry
past embarrassed by
her audacity to

be fat and
adored, a diety
whose gifts we

scorn because we
have forgotten how
to love our

own bodies, preferring 
to chisel away 
our curves for 

the hard angles 
that look better
on Instagram

April PAD Poetic Asides Day 2 - portrait


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