Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glee club

Loving her was a breeze.
She had a
laugh that tickled the senses,

the kind of giggle that
crept up the
corners of your own mouth

till your chuckling joined the
choral crescendo and
filled every inch of atmosphere.

It reminded you of warm summer
days running barefoot
through the grass and mellow

afternoons splayed belly up in
a field, just
enjoying the breeze with friends.

Yes, loving her was easy.
And her sunny
smile still keeps you warm.


  1. Sheialgh Lee said:Truly lovely Ilove the last line."And her sunny
    smile still keeps you warm."

  2. easy busy,

    what a relaxing piece, smiles.

  3. Warmed my heart. What an enjoyable read!

  4. What a wonderful sense of being carefree and full of 'glee'..Jae

  5. Now that's better - a beautiful, well written poem extolling the joys of requited love. No doom and gloom - just happiness. Excellent!

  6. Thanks so much, everyone.

    I hope we all know someone like this -- a friend, a child, a lover ... those people who make us smile and warm our hearts.

  7. Kimiko, this was a delightful poem. Love how you free-versed but chose three-line stanzas. I conjured up one more:
    Take care, my friend. You tickle me!!!




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