Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weather vain

You blew in like a
hurricane, a force
of nature looking for love.

You were raw and wild,
chapping our faces
as we watched you pass.

The storm chaser grinned. He
delighted in you,
knew you'd tame to an

ocean breeze that would kiss
our cheeks and
stroke our hair. He smiles

every time that weather vane
turns, grabs his
umbrella and watches the show.


  1. Oh, I like this very much, great closing lines!

  2. I found this quite intoxicating with all the metaphors thrown into savor. Mesmerizingly good.

  3. beautiful.. mesmerizing, like Old Egg says! :)

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  4. From Amy:

    Kimiko, loved the "vain" as the guy's personality, rather than "vane" as in the implement for weather. Great use of double entrendre. This whole piece resonates, as your take on "raw" stands out as unique in my readings thus far. I've known that man: His name is Legion, and he uses product in his hair, LOL.

    Great work, as always! Amy (Sharp Little Pencil)

  5. It's weird the places something like "raw" takes you, isn't it? Not sure where in my brain I even pulled this from, but glad it worked.



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