Monday, April 20, 2015

My body, the betrayer

She's the gorgeous giggling girl
skipping along dusty
paths deep in the mountains;

a seductress flaunting a flash
of skin as
she dances in her bedroom

or bends into downward dog;
the temptress that
whispers affirmations in my ear

"I am strong,"
"I am vibrant,"
"I am healthy"

as I revel in the
sexiness of a
new curve or calf muscle.

She lures me into a
false love, promising
faithfulness as she pushes me

down the stairs, the subtle
sabotage of a
weak ankle or swollen knee.

"You are strong,"
"You are vibrant,"
"You are healthy"

I whisper, reminding her that
we are not
enemies, that she is a

warrior, perhaps too worn to
continue the fight
against each other. I surrender.


April PAD Day 20 - My (blank), the (blank)

1 comment:

  1. I love this and completely relate to it. Stop fighting with yourself! Love yourself!



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